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What is intuition?

Your intuition is different from your conscience. Your conscience tells you what you should do; whereas, your intuition tells you what you could do. It’s the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for reasoning.

Following your intuition could lead you to be more successful. Studies show that professional and successful business people often use their intuitions. Following their intuition without a need for reasoning helps entrepreneurs and successful business people waste less time second guessing themselves and over analyzing their decisions. Of course, I’m not saying they don’t also do research and dedicate their lives to hard work. I highly encourage one to do their own study on the connections between success and intuition.

Press here to read about 10 industry leaders who have trusted on their intuitions.

Some define intuition as being God’s whisper in the human heart. After hearing that I got a tingle down my spine.

I think you may relate, because I believe everyone has the ability to be intuitive. I think that people shut down their connections with their intuition because it may be overwhelming, or they may be in a spot in their life where they simply do not want to listen (even to themselves). No, I am not judging, because I have been there myself. However, connecting with your intuition instead of spending energy trying to shut it down, may lead you to feel more spiritually whole.

The intuition is there, however many people do choose to not connect with it. Studies have been done across the U.S that show positive relations between people who use their intuitions and success.

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